Think Three Media and Leah Wins 2020 “Inno On Fire” Award by NTX Inno

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NTX Inno Inno on Fire 2020 Think Three Media Leah Frazier

NTX Inno, a regional digital media publication as a part of the larger American Inno publication, released its 2020 “Inno On Fire” winners for North Texas. The NTX Inno’s 2020 Fire winners, includes a list of 50 people and companies that are crushing it in North Texas.” Categories spanned from Social Impact to AR/VR to Education to Supporters — the category in which Think Three Media and Leah was nominated by peers. 

“So, I’m sure you’re asking, what’s “on fire?” Based on nominations readers have sent in over the past few months, [NTX Inno] is showcasing startups that have had a banner year — people and companies with new funding, recent product launches, hot hires and innovative approaches to solving problems.”

In addition to winning the 2020 Inno on Fire Award, companies/individuals in each category will compete to win the overall categorical award “Inno Blazer.” 

To see if Think Three Media and Leah win the Inno Blazer award, be sure to attend the virtual awards ceremony on August 20th at 4PM by RSVP’ing here.

Additionally, be sure to check out the rest of the article here to see the other Inno On Fire Winners and categories.