From corporations to institutions to her followers — these wonderful individuals are the reason why Leah is in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about her.

“I really enjoyed Leah's teaching style and real world practical uses for media exposure. I learned a lot from her webinar! As an indie filmmaker, press is very important to my company. I highly recommend Leah's course if you are looking for an edge." 

— Reginald Titus, Jr. | Award-Winning Film, "Natural Hair The Movie"

"I feel like if I had come to the [PR Yourself!] webinar not knowing anything about PR, I would walk away with a good foundation of where to start. On the other hand, having been doing PR (but also without an educational background in it) for several years, I can say that I still came away with great tips and ideas. You helped me validate some of the areas where I’m probably doing a good job and also identify areas where I can improve.

Working for a nonprofit and handling the marketing, advertising and PR simultaneously as a one-woman department means that I’m constantly juggling all three. Your guidance helped give me some clarity in organizing the PR facet a little more—particularly helpful these days! J So many webinars I’ve ever joined along similar subject lines don’t seem to have such a broad appeal, or I feel like there was only one takeaway for the hour I spent. This wasn’t the case in your presentation. Hearing you elaborate about how you carried out many of your projects (particularly in a way that could be applied to other circumstances) was also interesting and helpful."

 -- Stephanie J., Heard Museum

“Leah's program is amazing! I learned so much and in a short time was written up in 2 magazines. I highly recommend her course whether you have hired a firm or doing your own PR.”


— Jeannie B.

"I took the How to Attract Media and Press Attention Like a Pro course and loved every part of it. I got more information than I could write down! This lovely woman has the intel and the skills to help not only small businesses, but anyone in the need of marketing and development. You don't know what you're missing until you chat with Leah Frazier."

 -- Kapri Willis

“I cannot recommend Leah Frazier enough. I'm taking her PR Yourself! class and learning so much! It's been one of the best investments in my business/career.”


— Volta V.

"Leah has hands down THE best classes! Like to learn while having fun? Then you don't want to ever miss a class. I have always left each class, whether in person or on-line, happier and more informed."

 -- Denise Manoy

“I enjoyed Leah's webinar on How to Attract Media and Press Attention During a Crisis. She was very knowledgable and had a boat load of information to share with us.”


— Alicia Forbes

"I recently participated in two of Leah's webinars on the topics of SEO and PR. These webinars were expertly facilitated by Leah and featured content that was relevant, value-creating, and actionable. There is a surplus of content available right now but Leah's was definitely the highest quality I have encountered in awhile. I would highly recommend her educational content to anyone seeking new knowledge or a refresher on business and brand-building best practices."

 -- Sarah Gould-Stotts, CMP

“I'm always looking to sharpen my skills. I'm glad my friend let me know about Leah's PR Yourself Course! I just attended Session 1 & got so much out of it that my hand hurts from taking notes! (This course feels like an answered prayer!) Thank you!”


— Tracee H.

"I attended the PR Yourself Webinar on May 11, 2020. It was great to learn about all of the tips we can use to promote the business. Leah is an incredible speaker and every time I attend any of her events I just want to keep going. I will definitely use the knowledge I learned to help my business grow."

 -- Olga Peskova

“It was so inspirational to hear you [speak] at StyleCon this morning. You were a great reminder to us women to tell our own story and be true to who we are because there’s no else like us. I loved each and every word you shared today. It was also such a blessing to have the chance to meet and speak with you after your panel…know that your words are making a difference!”


— @GenuinelyLoke

“Shout out to Inspire N Style for the love and the great Leah Frazier — thank you all for the hospitality and great laughs and times!!!”


— Marcus Spears

(Former Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman, ESPN College Football Analyst)

“Leah Frazier conducts one of THE very best workshops on the subject of social media that I have EVER attended. And her conferences on blogging is the very best in both content and quality. I can’t wait until she does another one. So worth it. If you have a vision that you want to take to the next level, don’t hesitate to sign up for one of her workshops.”


— Carole Shannon

“Your TEDx talk was so inspiring. Thank you for having the courage to be your authentic self and sharing so we too can follow our hearts. I believe God places passion in us and our job is to follow it so we can serve our true purpose. Thank you again Queen.”


— @nad_is_love_is_love

“I appreciate you so, so much for speaking today, for your time and preparation, the lack of sleep and bubbly belly. Just from your introduction alone, I was inspired…I wrote 4 pages of notes/ideas during your TEDx speech. Grateful to hear your journey and you have now become apart of mine.”


— @YouMeTrapeze

“I’ve been following [Leah] for awhile now and I love what she is doing in the Dallas area. Thank you to Leah for being an inspiration!”


— @HaroldPajeaud_

“What an incredible session! I totally dropped everything to listen in and so, so glad I did! Thank you Leah for being so open about your journey, and congratulations on your transition from doing what you “thought” you wanted to do in life to what you “love”!


— Sandra Samuel 

(following the virtual DayBreak Summit where Leah spoke)

“I saw you speak at the StyleCon event in September and I was motivated and inspired just by the brief panel conversation. I know you will do great and inspire so many individuals. I admire what you do…”


— @SimplyStatuesque

“Leah…I showed your picture to my 7 and 10-year-old girls and they decided that you need your own Barbie doll…outfit and all…because you look like a princess! You’re an inspiration to my girls. #GirlPower”


— Dawn Reese

“I was fortunate to have Leah come in and help me refine several areas of my ‘fashion life.’ I now know what styles to avoid and which ones to grab and not even try on. THANK YOU!”


— L. Graham, Attorney, Houston, TX

“I was so fortunate to find Leah. Not only does she know her business, but she is so much fun to work with! I found her to be very efficient and really appreciated her attention to detail and follow-up!”


— K. Rickels, Ft. Worth, TX

“I’m truly grateful for Leah. Leah is truly a style guru, not only for her fashion intuition, but for her ability to inspire you to embrace your inner beauty and fashoinista. I am now more confident than ever…I would highly recommend her.”

— D. Wilson, Nurse Practitioner, Grand Prairie, TX

“Fabulous emceeing job you did for us! The event was a huge success because of what you did. We can’t thank you enough.”

— The Warren Center, Richardson, TX

“Wow. I thought I was great with words but Leah showed me otherwise! I’m beyond thankful to even know her and to have worked with her.”

— Valenti Thomas, Irving, TX