The Success Factor

Stories From Successful Entrepreneurs Who Have Thrived After Failure

Leah Frazier The Success Factor

About The Book

What comes to mind when you think of the word “success”? Some people associate success with having degrees from respected colleges or universities. For others, success means having a six-figure income and being able to afford a fancy house and car. Still, others believe that they have attained success once they have reached the highest level in their career.

In her fifth anthology, The Success Factor, Cheryl Polote-Williamson brings together 12 authors, including Leah Frazier, who share their journeys of their personal and professional paths and how they cultivated their own definitions of success. Through these stories, each author demonstrates that while education, money, and professional achievement can certainly play a role, true success goes deeper than material possessions and accomplishments; and that every journey is unique––no two people’s road to prosperity will be exactly alike. After reading this book, you will walk away feeling inspired to grow your business and power through any obstacles you may encounter along the way.


Benefit 1: Evaluate Your Mindset, Take Action Now​​​​

Flip the way you think about success, then determine the small steps and actions that you can take now to meet your goals.


Benefit 2: Learn the Best Investments to Make Right Now

Should you invest in a coach, technology, or in yourself? Hear from successful leaders on what was their most beneficial approach.


Benefit 3: Identify Your True Gifts to Make Your Stamp in the Marketplace

Evaluate what your unique gift is to the world and unapologetically stand firm in weaving that gift in your personal life, business, and other ventures.

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Excellent book, inspiring for any artist and entrepreneur that is reaching for success in their field. It gives encouragement, I enjoyed it.

Raquel Jones


A must read for anyone with goals! Awesome real life stories of the ups and downs of business! This book will inspire you to never give up on your dreams! It teaches that with persistence and commitment you can be successful! It also teaches you to push past the obstacles and learn from your mistakes!

Amazon 5-Star Reviewer

You will gain a treasure of wisdom for your entrepreneur and life journey.

Tilda Whitaker

CEO, P4 Coaching Institute

About the ​Author

Hi, I’m Leah Frazier

Leah Frazier is a leading FashionPreneur™ and was recognized as one of Dallas' most successful women for 2015. In addition to this elite recognition, Leah received the “Rising Star” award for fashion blogging by Fashion Group International of Dallas in 2017, and was also nominated as one of the Best Journalists of 2017 by Cosign Magazine.

In 2018, Leah was awarded the Startup Evangelist of the Year honor by The Dallas Entrepreneur Center during TechStar’s Dallas Startup Week. She is a multi-licensed attorney turned fashion guru, who unapologetically left the practice of law to pursue her fashion ventures.

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