Shoutout DFW Interviews Leah on How She’s Kept Busy During Quarantine

Leah FrazierNews

Hi Leah, what’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine?
My favorite thing to do during quarantine is to go to Club Quarantine with DJ D-Nice several nights out of the week via Instagram Live. He normally goes live around the time I log off from work. So it’s a new virtual happy hour for me that transitions to his night-time music sets with the most amazing view from his apartment. Typically, all sorts of celebrities and A-listers are also tuned in and it’s a way to connect with them as well. I think that it’s a very humbling situation to realize that no matter who we are, what “status” we have, and where we are in the world — we’re all going through the same situation. His club has united the whole world and has brought the simple joys of relaxing and listening music back into our worlds. It’s something I think we’ve all taken advantage of before the pandemic.

I’ve also kept busy working on both my personal and professional development by reading, signing up for the free classes with Harvard University, taking beginner’s French through the DuoLingo app and also bi-weekly sessions of virtual Tae Bo workouts to keep physically active.

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