PRontheGo Feature: The Worst PR Advice You Could Get

Leah FrazierNews


Leah and Think Three Media was featured in a PR Agency roundup of advice on the worst PR advice businesses and brands can get. Oh boy….

From using PR as a sales tool to wanting PR as a “quick fix”, check out this superstar roundup of stellar advice from the best PR pros in the land on what some “consultants” are saying that just may be steering you wrong. Here’s Leah’s tip below:

FAIL: You can “wing” a tv interview.

“The worst advice is to have a client “wing it” or to do little to no media training before they are interviewed — particularly for broadcast TV or radio.

 Often times, many CEO’s or business owners have little experience with interviews and are unaware of many things: facial cues, non-verbal communication, tone of voice, rambling and more. 

It is best to truly invest the time and resources for media training, so that the client is reflected in the best light as an authoritative source or expert, and so that the interview can be used as further leverage to secure more interviews in the future. 

If the client is “winging it” off the advice of their publicist OR if the publicist is telling them that media training is unnecessary, then this is truly a disservice and could cost future media opportunities. Additionally, at times the CEO or the Founder may not be the best representative to take on the interviews. So advising people who are not particularly relatable via media to “be the face of the brand”, may not be good advice, when in fact a spokesperson for the business or brand may be the better avenue. I’ve seen this bad consultancy affect some of my clients as it has prohibited them from future interviews and cast them in the light of being “unprepared” or not TV or Radio ready.” — Leah Frazier, President at Think Three Media

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