Maximizing PR Outreach – Feature with Prowly

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PR Outreach

Prowly featured Think Three Media Founder, Leah Frazier, in its polling of expert tips and tricks in determining the appropriate avenues of PR (aka Media) Outreach. From conducting research to having a PR Outreach Plan, here’s what Think Three Media had to say on the topic. Click on more at the end to view the rest of the tips and tricks!

Prowly writes: “No matter the channel or tools you choose for your media outreach, it’s crucial not to “overuse” them. Keep in mind that effective PR revolves around relationships, and these require a personalized approach. 

To start with, always pitch the right story to the right person. This way, you’re more likely to get coverage and be seen as a credible source of information. Once you’re clear on what to pitch and who to contact, try coming up with different angles to tailor your message to its recipient.” 

If I had to give out one tip on how to do PR Outreach the right way, it would be to truly personalize the correspondence and make it personable to the particular reporter, editor, or producer. I am against mass emails and have seen more success when pitching them specifically based on what they traditionally cover and personalizing my media angle to their audience.
– Leah Frazier, President @ Think Three Media 

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