Leah Talks to Student to CEO on Podcasts Students Should Listen to for Entrepreneurship

Leah FrazierNews

Student to CEO asks Leah what her top podcast for students entering entrepreneurship should be and without a doubt she listed Sean Croxton’s “Quote of the Day” Show. Check out Leah’s tip below and read on for the other 12 podcasts that were recommended from other top U.S. entrepreneurs.

Quote of the Day by Sean Croxton

“The podcast that really shaped me was Sean Croxton’sQuote of the Day” show. It’s short 15 minutes or less snippets of motivational speeches from entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world like: Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Steve Harvey, Abraham Hicks, etc. Listening to these clips every day helped to keep me motivated and inspired to build my business and also to keep going when things got tough. It also helped me with developing a money and business mindset, amongst other things.”

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