Leah Named Top LinkedIn Voice for PR Insights

Leah FrazierNews

PR On the GO asked PR and Growth experts who the top LinkedIn profiles were to follow for Public Relations Insights and PR info, and Think Three Media founder, Leah Frazier, was named along with her top-ranking PR podcast, PR Yourself with Leah Frazier.

Chandra Gore of Chandra Gore Consulting says of Frazier: “Her company’s LinkedIn profile has a wealth of information for building your brand and how to think outside of the box as it comes to Public Relations. The [DIY PR] podcast also provides case studies along with guests who help to understand the ins and outs of public relations, practical advice on how to generate publicity genuinely and consistently for your business or brand — not only for exposure, but for long-term success.”

To peek the other LinkedIn profiles to follow for PR, read the rest of the article here.

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