Leah Chats B2B Ambassador Marketing with Forbes

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Think Three Media Founder, Leah Frazier, chats B2B Ambassador and Influencer Marketing with Forbes writer Goldie Chan. We are extremely passionate about the roles that influencers and ambassadors play in marketing for brands and businesses, and we were happy to share our insights on how to create impactful ambassador and influencer campaigns for long-term success. 

Forbes asked: “What advice would you give major brands looking to build out their B2B ambassador programs?

Leah answers: I actually did a TEDx Talk on this very subject (shameless plug). I believe that brands should truly work in collaboration with the influencer to find a content and/or marketing strategy that works with the influencer’s audience, yet still conveys their brand message and goals. Therefore, do away with the word-for-word copy posting instructions and allow the influencer to use their own language that their audience connects with but that still supports the brand. Allow the influencer to tell you which platform(s) they prefer to post the marketing messages on and where they will get the most engagement, versus the brand dictating that it is mandatory that they post on certain platforms or deliver content in a pre-set context.

Also, work on a long-term strategy with the influencer. Successful influencer campaigns and brand ambassadorships are achieved when the influencer truly markets only a handful of brands – and specifically very few in the same industry — that way their audience can easily dictate after a few postings or sightings, the genuine brand alignment, versus influencers who post a sponsored post every single day from hundreds of different brands. Working long-term with an influencer (beyond one campaign), allows the influencer to truly form a partnership with the brand and also to condition their audience to the brand’s presence.”

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