Leah Awarded the 2018 Dallas Startup Evangelist of the Year Honor

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Leah Frazier 2018 Dallas Startup Evangelist of the Year

On Wednesday, April 4th, at the annual State of Entrepreneurship event at the Majestic Theatre, the Dallas Entrepreneur Center awarded Leah as the 2018 Startup Evangelist for the Year for her “selfless and honorable” work to ensure the success of area fashion startups and small business entrepreneurs. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, as well as several Fortune 500 CEO’s were in the building to witness the achievement.

Leah Frazier 2018 Startup Evangelist of the Year

A Startup Evangelist is a person who supports local startups and establishes it as a standard in the community. They help set the community ideology, mindset, and help facilitate communication between all of the major stakeholders. They engage the community regularly and share their ideas to push differing groups of opinion to discover common ground. It’s not about shouting with a megaphone when news breaks. It’s about having your ear to the ground to enforce transparency in messaging to retain the authenticity of our community and most importantly our entrepreneurs. The Startup Evangelist protects and preserves the spirit of the community by being the voice of reason with a “give first” mentality and by championing community.