Dallas Innovates Interviews Leah regarding Texas’ Rank as No. 2 “Best State for Black Entrepreneurs”

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Opportunity is here … but “we still have a ways to go”

Dallas native and “fashionpreneur” Leah Frazier is the owner of creative marketing agency Think Three Media, a celebrity stylist (with two Emmys under her designer belt), author, fashion journalist, and model. She told Dallas Innovates that the region’s opportunities for black entrepreneurs are expanding.

“I think the environment is growing and certainly empowering as more business owners and people move to the DFW area due to the opportunity that is here,” she said in an email.

“There is a newfound camaraderie that is being birthed amongst the black entrepreneurial community and more and more initiatives being created to ensure the success of black entrepreneurs overall.”

But, Frazier agrees more can still be done. 

“We still have a ways to go in terms of educating the black entrepreneurial community and leveling the playing field. There is an inclusion issue we have to overcome,” Frazier said.

“I know personally when I look at pitch competitions, I rarely see black businesses participating. At the collegiate level at many of the accelerators that I volunteer with, there are hardly any black students participating.”

Frazier continued, “We need to take a more proactive approach to encourage entrepreneurship in the community, activate the community with resources so that the black entrepreneurs are successful (i.e. business set-up, funding, etc.), and then provide resources and a community that can help these entrepreneurs continue in the face of adversity.” 

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